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As little girls, we all grew up imagining ourselves as beautiful sophisticated, smart women.

Now that we ARE becoming that woman each new day. It makes you realize the way you envisioned life when you were a little girl is not how life is in actuality. You fight to overcome all obstacles, creating a superwomen persona; one who can juggle anything. 

Becoming a true definition of what a WOMAN is to you.  

In this latest shoot The Modern Day Boss Woman Turning Pain into Power Don't be a prisoner of others thoughts! Your past doesn't define what you will do in the future. A boss women don't let their past define them. Even in times where most feel hopeless a #boss doesn't allow anything to stop her show! Her kids are still taken care of, the bag gets made, businesses get started, skills get enhanced, books get read, & new passions get discovered... even in jail. I mean is there any reason for others to be confused about things that aren't their business anyway? It's her business, her concern, her problem...right?


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