Study: Downtown Houston Is The ‘Sugar Daddy Capital’ Of Texas

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Okay yessss Moguls the search is over.

We know where the next #MogulRetreat Will be 😃 If you were looking for a Sugar Daddy in the state of Texas, chances are you’re going to be looking in Houston.

According to SeekingArrangement, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site (yes, that is a thing), Downtown Houston has the largest concentration of Sugar Daddies in Texas. 182 Sugar Daddies are registered on the site from Downtown followed by Boulevard Oaks at 144 and Spring at 138. Shockingly, one of the “rich” areas of town such as River Oaks didn’t even crack the top 5 as it lands at No. 8 on the list.

Not familiar with the term Sugar Daddy?

Whew, Sis where have you been?

They are the Shit. Period. Well, it’s a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors. Or, an older boyfriend with financial benefits. Some may call it tricking but hey, get it how you live!

& it’s not tricking when he got it, he simply likes to pay for things and buy you nice things.

Those have been some of the healthiest relationships I have personally been in.

Have you ever had one? Searching for one?

Here’s the full list below:

Top 10 Sugar Daddy Neighborhoods

1. Downtown Houston

2. Boulevard Oaks

3. Spring

4. Uptown

5. Shadow Oaks

6. Kingwood

7. Westbury

8. River Oaks

9. Mid-West

10. Webster

Well, looks like we have a better idea of where people look for Sugar Daddies to help take care of their bills and live a City Girls summer.

Well Houston #MogulsintheCity on the way💋

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