Reports: Charming Charlie closing all 261 stores after filing bankruptcy

Women’s apparel and accessories chain Charming Charlie is closing its doors for good.

According to Fortune, Charming Charlie plans to close all 261 stores by Aug. 31 after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The chain had already shut down 100 stores from previously filing bankruptcy that ended in April 2018, according to Fortune.

In 2017, Charming Charlie had 390 stores spread across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, and the Middle East.

According to Fortune, the company blamed high lease costs as one of the factors that lead to filing bankruptcy.

The chain, which opened in 2004, described itself as being “Known for offering a wide array of women’s apparel and fashion accessories, beauty, gifts and more, all ingeniously arranged by color; making that perfect look fun and easy to find.”

The Charming Charlie website’s homepage is currently unable to take orders.

There is no estimation of how many people the company employs at this time.

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What has the large number of storefront closing taught you about business?

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