Report: Disney Offers Beyonce Multi-Million Dollar Movie Deal

For those of you who say she can’t act, she’s JUST getting started😍

Disney is elated with how its new Beyonce-driven movie ‘The Lion King’ is faring and is eager to extend its relationship with the ‘Spirit’ singer/songwriter.

Exciting news that Disney believes the star’s portrayal of the character Nala is helping to drive the movie’s success and would like to create more original pictures with her as part of a deal set to place millions in her back pocket.

Beyoncé’s deal with Disney for ‘The Lion King’ was one of the biggest it has done to date. Now they want to expand it by giving her free reign to create her own movies under the Disney umbrella. She is producing projects with Parkwood Entertainment but Disney bosses would like her to do the same for them in a partnership that would make her millions. The conversations are ongoing but it’s an exciting proposition.

Beyonce has generated $965 million at the box office to date and recently teamed up with Netflix to build original content for the streaming giant.

The movie is the latest version of the powerful story and starsDonald Glover, Beyonce, Alfre Woodard and James Earl Joneswho have joined the rest of the movie’s cast to celebrate news that it has generated $80 million in the second week of its release.

The photo-realistic release earned $192 million its opening week (the eighth biggest launch for any movie in cinematic history) and stands tall as the highest-earning movie in the country in its second week thanks the waves of movie lovers it is receiving with every passing day!

Are we seeing the Power of Beyoncé?

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