“Me Time” Indulgences

Being a mother means sharing the last bite of your sandwich. It means long nights and early mornings. It means cuddles, kisses, boo-boos, giggles, tears, scrapes, and fussiness. Motherhood means so various things. Most of all, it is LOVE; pure and unconditional!

But ladies, let’s face it, it is the hardest job on earth. As women, we automatically consume ourselves with the concerns and interests of our children. So much so that we abandon our own needs --physical, mental, emotional and personal needs. Most mothers can’t even describe what her hobbies and favorite past times are because they are so entirely invested in motherhood. Part of being a mother is being selfless and putting self-last. In a sense, as cliche, as it sounds motherhood is the best,and most rewarding job of them all!

Sometimes I think back and I can’t even envision my life without my daughter. However, there are moments when I have to remind myself that I am still an individual aside from being a mother and that I too deserve happiness. HAPPINESS; that’s right and so do you!!!! Why do self-care and “me time” have to feel like such an abomination? What really makes you happy aside from motherhood? What makes you smile? Think about it…….

Now that you have had time to think, write that “happy thing down” and make it happen!

It’s really that simple! For example, maybe you love to swing and you can’t seem to find the time to enjoy it anymore due to the sometimes tumultuous tasks of being a magnificent mother. Maybe you have the time and can never find a reliable sitter so that you can enjoy a night out on the town dancing the night away? Whatever the reason, set aside a specific time to take yourself dancing. Put the kids to bed, dress up, (or simply enjoy the freedom of dancing braless in the comfort of tour own home), play some of your favorite tunes, pour yourself a smooth glass of your favorite wine and dance like no one is watching! Motherhood is both unpredictable and priceless! Take care of yourself so that you can enjoy every single moment! What are your favorite “me time” thing to do and why?


Terrjie Founder of The Mogul Moiety


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