Loretta Devine Kept It Cute And Mum Over The Fuqua-Murphy Kissing Photos On “The Wendy Williams Show

Actress Loretta Devine kept her lips sealed on The Wendy Williams Show when it came to the salacious photos of award-winning director Antoine Fuqua and Nicole Murphy embraced in a lip lock while on vacation in Italy.

Rochon and Fuqua have been married since 1999, and the two share two children together, daughter Asia, 16, and son Brando, 15, so the photos of course caused many eyebrow raising questions.

Devine was a guest on Wednesday to promote her role as the matriarch on the new Netflix drama “Family Reunion,” which also stars Tia Mowry-Hardict.

But in host mode Williams of course couldn’t resist the urge to ask what Devine thought of the photos, being that Devine and Rochon have maintained a close bond after filming the 1995, blockbuster Waiting To Exhale.

“Listen Lela is one of my closest friends, I love her,” Devine began. “I want to know who took the picture!” she exclaimed.

Williams pressed further to ask if Devine saw the photos and if her husband Glenn Marshall would ever allow her to be in such close proximity with another man, to which Devine let out her signature sigh.

Murphy has since denied that there is any romantic link between herself and Fuqua. As we recently reported, Murphy told blogger Love B. Scott that the two were just friends after cheating allegations spurred up as a result of the photos. “I ran into him in Italy and we exchanged a friendly hello and that was it,” she said.

The two were captured on Monday as they were both staying at a resort in Ischia for the Ischia Global Festival where Fuqua is set to receive the director of the year award.

Neither Rochon nor Fuqua have made a public statement since the photos surfaced on Monday. However the actress has completely deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts to avoid the aftermath and the court of public opinion.

Friends to women this is how you handle someone trying to get the tea 🍵 on your friend! Keep your mouth closed, Mogul style!


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