Benefits Beyond Money: The Value of Investment Clubs

We are better together. Period.

If you’re looking to start investing in stocks but want to expand your knowledge, increase your buying power and gain new friends then an investment club could be just the right avenue to get you started on the right track to your investing future.

Here is an introduction to investment clubs.

What is an Investment Club? An investment club consists of a group of individuals who place their money into a collective pot in order to purchase stocks as a group investment. Most clubs will buy stocks only after a period of study of a particular company and with a majority vote of the membership. Members may be responsible for researching particular stocks, arranging for a guest speaker, or compiling financial reports.

Or the club may have a board where you can be completely passive and only have to be concerned with your portfolio growing.

So what are the advantages of belonging to an investment club?

Increase the pace of your learning An investment club with 8 members doing research is bound to provide a faster learning curve than what you could learn solo. Right?

imagine a club with 1000... Wow the places you could go, the things you could do.

Reduce your investment risk By pooling resources, club members can purchase a larger amount of stock at less personal risk.

Gain the knowledge needed before going solo Many club members do choose to invest their own funds but find that they make better informed decisions about stock purchases from the knowledge gained through participation in an investment club.

Develop new friendships Like most clubs, investment clubs can offer not only the opportunity for education but also for new friendships.

No matter what type of investment club you might pursue, the learning gained from an investment club is one of the best returns you’ll ever get in terms of friendship and learning.

For teaching and learning about investing: All about investing and money management. Learn basic investing and financial concepts, including stocks, the stock market, interest, income statements.

Lessons, lesson plans, and worksheets.

Now this is a slight overview of why a club is ideal to join! But you be the judge!

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