5 Steps to Get Him to Pay Your Bills

The short-term goal may be to get a man to pay a car note or two. However, a mogul minded woman is looking for a man to put her in a position to be financially secured with or without him. These tips are for that particular moiety minded person. Instead of getting a man that can pay your cell phone, find one to set up auto pay in order for you to get a real estate license or learn cryptocurrency. The goal is to use his money to secure your own, permanent bag.

1. Don’t need him to pay your bills. Have enough income coming in to comfortably support your own lifestyle. Men can sense desperation and anxiety and they avoid those types of situations. Own your life before you enter this pool of moneyed men.

2. Speaking of men with money, ensure that he has MORE than enough to cover both his expenses and yours. The type of man that’ll cover your bills without expecting a live in maid, cook and therapist will keep his own pad. If he can’t afford it, he isn’t the one.

3. Even in the beginning stages be stingy with your time. Make him aware that your time comes at a premium and you need to be compensated for your attention. Depending on the man you can say this verbatim. In most cases, you’ll allude to this by being sweet, coy and consistently busy doing things that produce revenue.

4. Dress the part. Looking the part is the first step in any role. The Mogul Muse collection can help build you a sultry, professional wardrobe. Be willing to change up your style as needed and purchase a bedroom wardrobe as well.

5. Talk money. It’s much easier to require an investment from a suitor than an allowance. Ask him to invest in your business, buying inventory or securing a space. The best option is to have his money help you grow yours long term. An investment in the Mogul Moiety investment group will pay you dividends long after you’ve moved on.

Written by: Dutchess CEO of Pretty Grinders


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