Did you know women make up about 85% of consumer decisions and 91% of home purchasing decisions but only about 25% are investors. Basically, 9 out of 10 property purchases are decided by women... duh! That's why The Mogul Investing Group was created women need to be taken seriously We mean SERIOUS business. A lot of men felt discriminated against by a female investing group and had strong feelings but for decades before centuries, men have been doing their thing. With little regards to what women want. I know what women want, my team knows what when want. We are women, we are the game changers. How do we create change? How do women make a difference? Well, its no surprise some have been on the forefront through every major world event but somehow a man always get the praise. Sorry, dudes, but that's over with! The women investment group is all about helping you grow access to financial resources, credit repair, professionals, lenders, a plethora of information and so much more. That 25% bothers me, I've personally consumed a ton of information, traveled to investing classes, taken thousands, of course hours, as well as been financially invested within the last five years with dozens of small businesses. Now I am building a team of women so we can invest together.

When women support women we all win.

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Game Changers; Are Women

 Well, the better question is why wouldn't they? Studies show only 1 in 4 women are comfortable with the knowledge of investing. As a female investor, I completely understand. The investing world whether its stocks, new business, or real estate can be intimidating and full of jargon. But the fact of the matter is, lack of action and fear are costing women in this game. This is so cliche, but serious there is NOTHING to fear but fear itself. How will your financial situation change if you don't change it? More women have opted in to no longer miss out on opportunities to build wealth for themselves and their families. So how do you change the game... instead of being comfortable in it. Stop saving money in banks, or worse in a shoe box at home. And stop spending money on labels, well unless it's your fellow business owners brand of course. Land over labels.


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Why should more women invest in real estate?

Why should you build a portfolio with The Mogul Investing Group? 

Let me break down a situation where when you don't invest it can cost you millions instead of making you millions. Im not going to even ask you if you wanted to make millions, because you wouldn't even be here if you didn't. So for example, lets say you took some cash and invested in a single-family rental property. Let’s just say that, by age 25, you were able to save up $25,000 and decided to invest that money into a $100,000 rental property. Which is a great start. Your mortgage payments would be about $500 per month over the course of 30 years. Assuming you’re able to rent out the home for $800 per month, you would make about $3,600 per year (before taxes, insurance and other expenses). Don't forget to add in all expenses before you purchase the property so the you can mitigate your risks as much as possible. Learn more about asset allocation in The Moiety Investing Group. Over the course of the next 30 years, that’s over $100,000, just in rental income. If you were to then sell that property, you would get your original $25,000 investment back, plus the additional $75,000 that you paid off over those 30 years via the monthly mortgage payments, plus the amount the property value appreciated over that period of time. 

If the property had appreciated an average of 3% per year over the 30 years, that means you would be able to sell the property for over $240,000, nearly 10 times your original $25,000 investment. Now contrast that with what you would have made in that same 30 years if you had kept that $25,000 in a savings account instead. If the savings account grew at an interest rate of 2% a year, you would end up with just $45,000 after 30 years, meaning you would have missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of passive income and growth over that time.

As women, it can be hard to find the time to learn about investing, especially when there are dishes to be done, laundry to fold and kids screaming in the background. But you must make time, that why I started this group. I have been self investing for years and in 2018 I invested with a few men on some properties, it wasn't bad. We made about $90,000 on two properties in 4 months but men can make some women feel intimidated. For me and many other women its the opposite men are often intimidated by me, and they can't help but to show it.

I have found that working with boss women and a select handful of men whom I trust works wonders for my personal growth. For many women, family is the top priority. Which is great, but what about YOU! Most women see money in terms of what it can do for their family, so let's make it happen. These two reasons are exactly why I started In real estate I add passive income, build on my portfolio, all while making new connections with boss women, travel the world & world school my daughter in the process.

All while having a positive impact on communities while making an income.

Build A Portfolio

 Worth Millions.....

So Where Should Women Start?

Take baby steps, but take steps!

Start by making a smart financial move, whether it's starting your investing portfolio today or creating a new spending habit plan to save up.

Don't wait for time to free up to make the time. Not excuses.

Read some of our blogs, follow us socially read some of our posts and other reviews. Read an article, listen to a podcast episode, and start to build your knowledge base and overall confidence.

Talk to your partner, spouse, bae, boo, side piece lol or friends & family.

 Get their thoughts, expertise & opinions about investing even if they aren't doing it. They may be interested and you all could build and grow together.

You are learning meet with other moguls here in our member chat who have taken the investment leap & are learning as we go too.

As you learn and grow your portfolio give yourself goals and deadlines for investing. It can be easy to get caught in the planning stages for a while, so don't get caught up in over planning, prepping which ultimately leads to overthinking. Even if your first deal isn't a million dollar win, which it won't be. The key is to keep going. You may lose some money on the journey the key to each investment you make will teach you something, and over time you be able to invest confidently. I've made mistakes in investing, whew many mistakes. Well, I like to call them paid for lessons because if I would have hired a coach, or joined a group when I first started I would have made fewer poor decisions. But each mistake has made me a better investor. Real estate investing has allowed me to continue my stay at home mom journey and even my daughter gets to learn with me. We loved getting our hands dirty laying carpet, tile and painting some projects. I get to pursue my passions, create my own schedule, sleep until noon most days, spend more time traveling and more time being a mom. Let's close this gender gap investing, it's even more damaging as the wage gap in corporate America. I thank God I was able to fire my job five years ago. I want to help you do the same.

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